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Blog entries & Articles - Nutritional Guidance
Nutritional Guidance

Energy needs of athletes differ from those of the general population. Paying attention to nutrition can make performance dreams come true, while neglecting it will create barriers interfering with your full potential. Each athlete’s fueling and hydrating requirements will depend on the sport practiced as well as the position played within that sport.

The science of sport nutrition is about providing fuel (nutrients) and water (hydration) before, during and after exercise, (i) to ensure that athletes are energized to optimize athletic performance and (ii) to facilitate the repair and rebuilding process following performance. Finding the right balance of nutrients and hydration for each individual athlete is therefore critical for performance.

Eating - What, when and how much to eat

Knowing how to fuel your body is what will energize you for practices and games.    The three main objectives of PRE-EXERCISE fueling are: HYDRATE: Ensure that you are optimally hydrated. DON’T WAIT FOR GAME DAY TO START FUELING: Muscles rely on fuel (nutrients) stored from meals eaten earlier in the day (for an evening game) or the night before (for a morning game). NEVER START A GAME HUNGRY: The “right” foods eaten before...

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Sport Drinks

Sport drinks are specifically formulated for re-hydration and re-fueling after intense exercise lasting more than 1 hour.